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January 4, 2022

By Vanessa Nghiem

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Did you receive a welcome kit on your first day of work? If so, what were your favourite items? 

For new employees, employee welcome kits not only provide practical resources to set them up for success on the job, but also helps create positive first impressions about the company! Whether they contain staple products (e.g. stationery, informative paperwork and guides, security items) or fun items (branded merchandise such as a water bottle, headphones or earbuds), they are often much appreciated and provide insight into the corporate culture. 

We’ve rounded up more of our favourite employee onboarding kits we’ve found for reference and inspiration!

1. Amazon Employee Welcome Kit

Amazon employee kit with stickers, notebook, waterbottle, and shirt

Source: LinkedIn

For offices in South Asia, Amazon’s employee welcome kit contains a branded t-shirt, drinkware and sleeve, journal, fun stickers, and practical tech resources to help employees adjust to the company. 

For those curious about Amazon’s “Day 1” branding, it refers to their customer-centric culture that emphasizes “long-term focus, obsessing over customers, and bold innovation”. 

Daniel Slater, Worldwide Head of Culture of Innovation at Amazon Web Services, explains, “Day 1 is about being constantly curious, nimble, and experimental. It means being brave enough to fail if it means that by applying lessons learnt, we can better surprise and delight customers in the future.” In contrast, Jeff Bezos describes Day 2 as “stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death. And that is why it is always Day 1.”

What are your thoughts on this Day 1 mentality? 

2. Microsoft Employee Welcome Kit

Microsoft employee welcome kit with water bottle, journal, Pride pins, and USB hub

Source: LinkedIn

For employees new to the Microsoft life, corporate merch that includes branded stationery, drinkware, buttons for GLEAM (Global LGBTQI+ Employees and Allies at Microsoft), and a branded USB port hub is bound to set them up for success at this tech giant! 

3. KPMG Employee Welcome Kit

KMPG employee welcome kit on desk with clear reusable coffee cup and stationery

Source: LinkedIn

KPMG’s employee kit varies across regions, but the Canadian one includes a reusable coffee cup and stationery, while employees at the Netherlands office receive other fun items such as a branded skip rope, socks, and earbuds! 

Which version would you rather receive? 

KPMG Netherlands employee welcome kit with skip rope, earbuds, waterbottle, socks, and journal

Source: LinkedIn

4. JLL Latin America Employee Welcome Kit

JLL Latin America employee welcome kit with mousepad, backpack, and stationery

Source: LinkedIn

Real estate giant JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle) includes the standard items (drinkware, stationery, backpack) in their welcome kit for new employees in their Latin America offices, but the standout piece is the ergonomic mouse pad with the logo boldly printed on the surface. 

The checkered napkin and crate probably isn’t included, but we love the housewarming look! 

5. H&M Group Employee Welcome Kit

H&M Group employee welcome kit with snacks, drinkware, shirts,, and more

Source: LinkedIn

Filled with treats such as cookies and biscotti, H&M Group’s new employee kit includes a wide range of fun products! Other items such as a branded shirt, stationery, and a welcome note, as well as eco-friendly goods (seed paper and a reusable water bottle). 

H&M’s inclusion of eco-friendly goods reflects the company’s goals towards a more sustainable future. 

6. GroupM Employee Welcome Kit

Source: LinkedIn

Marketing agency GroupM has an unconventional item we’ve yet to see in other welcome kits—a tote bag! 

With their slogan “We make advertising better for people” printed on a navy blue bag, the welcome kit also includes branded stationery, drinkware, a lanyard, and a welcome letter. 

GroupM employee welcome kit with tote, notebook, mug, lanyard, and welcome letter

Source: Facebook

6. Groupon Employee Welcome Kit

Groupon employee welcome kit with backpack, hoodie, mug, and more

Source: LinkedIn

For the software engineers at Groupon, this branded sweatshirt is bound to be worn with pride! This welcome kit also includes a branded backpack, drinkware, and other stationery items. 

7. NielsenIQ Employee Welcome Kit

NielsenIQ employee welcome box with snacks, face masks, mugs, and more

Source: LinkedIn

NielsenIQ’s employee welcome kit has by far the most extensive snack collection we’ve seen! Not only are 8 snack jars included for snack o’clock, but there are numerous other drinkware pieces, a backpack, face masks, and stationery. 

NielsenIQ, once part of analytics firm Nielsen, became a standalone company in January 2021 to focus on modernizing its client experience and commitment to consumer intelligence.

8. Lister Technologies Employee Welcome Kit

Lister employee welcome kit with a plant, chocolate, face masks, and Jenga blocks

Source: LinkedIn

Tech company Lister adds fun to their welcome kit with some unconventional items—a Jenga set and a plant (aglaonema)! 

Other fun items include almond brittle, and a water bottle with an LED temperature display. Gifting a plant can be a challenge due to it requiring regular care, but hopefully the new employees are up for the challenge!

Lister employee onboarding kit

Source: LinkedIn

Thinking about building a kit for your new employees? Contact us to get your project started!

If you’re looking for other resources, here’s our guide on how to build the perfect employee welcome package.

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