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November 8, 2022

By Jennifer Carmichael

3 minutes read



The holidays are here! Whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or Festivus, it’s a great time to serve up the best gifts to the cocktail fans in your life. Gifting alcohol and accessories doesn’t fit with every brand, but if it does fit with yours, then we can guide you to some great merchandise that will help get the party started. From glasses and accessories to cocktail mixes and recipe books, we have plenty of great gift ideas to fit any budget and delight that person in your life who deserves a very Merry (and boozy) Holiday!

Budget Ideas

Even the smallest budgets deserve a little merry! These small essentials will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

1. Ice Sphere Mold  |  2. Belgravia 3-in-1 Wine Opener  |  3. Metallic Litte Buddy Koozie  |  4. Slate Coasters in Burlap Bag

Mixologist Want-To-Be

Choosing a cocktail-themed gift is not only trendy, but it includes bonus “experiences” that keep your brand fresh in your receiver’s mind.


1. Aged & Infused DIY Out of Office Infusion Kit  |  2. Niagara Cutlery™ 6 oz Wood Flask |  3. The Curious Bartender’s Home Bar Kit  |  4. CraftKitchen™ 24 oz Cocktail Shaker  |  5. Be Home® Luxe Hanging Bar Tool Set  |  6. 16oz Tiki Glass  |  7. Various Retail Books – Branded with your logo |  8. Cocktail Multi Tool  |  9. W&P Cocktail Tin Kits

Whisky Wishes

Gift a fun experience that can lead to a new passion!


1. W&P Peak Single Sphere Ice Mold & Soirée Old Fashioned Gift Set |  2. Asobu Iridescent Old Fashioned Glass  |  3.Whiskey Stone Set  |  4. Viski Smoked Cocktail Kit  |  5. Various Retail Books – Branded with your logo |  6. Asobu On The Rocks Kuzie

Beer Me!

Beer is a year round beverage popular with many, so gift these trendy pieces to enhance the enjoyment of a cold, frosty one.


1. Wood Bar Blade Bottle Opener | 2. Frost Buddy® Universal Buddy  |  3. Brewmaster  Tall Boy  | 4. Live Edge Beer Sampling Flight Paddle | 5. Harworth 20oz Stein  | 6. Various Retail Books – Branded with your logo | 7. Brisk Beer Chiller  | 8. Asobu 64oz Growler Jug

Wine Time

Go classic with wine gifts, and pair classic accessories with a favorite bottle.


1. Velvet Wine Tote | 2. BYOB Deep Etched Bottle  |  3. Wine Glass Marker Set  | 4. Moleskine® Wine Passion Journal  | 5. Aware Stemmed Wine Glass | 6. Fabrizio Wine Accessories Set  | 7. Out of The Woods® Insulated Wine & Spirits Valet |  8. Swiss Force® Wine Aerator and Dispenser | 9. Aviana™ Magnolia Double Wall Stainless Wine Bottle Cooler

No matter the beverage theme you focus on, these gifts pull double duty as lasting experiences that build great memories, all while enhancing your brand. Ask us about our kitting services to build a themed package for your receiver that will create huge buzz.

For more ideas around food and beverage experiences, check out our Holiday Lookbook!

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