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August 24, 2021

By Vanessa Nghiem

4 minutes read



Planning new employee welcome kits can be a fun but stressful challenge. You’ve browsed through dozens of sample kits and read our guide on how to create the perfect employee welcome package, but sometimes you need more concrete examples of what other companies have done. 

We’ve scoured the Internet, and here are some of the best employee welcome kits that we’ve found! 

1. Coursera

Coursera employee welcome kit with branded merch

Source: LinkedIn

Coursera, a massive open e-learning provider, has included several drinkware bottles in their kit, as well as a mask, baseball cap, snacks, a notebook, webcam cover, and an unexpectedly fun LED message board!

2. PricewaterhouseCoopers

PWC employee welcome kit with branded merch

Source: LinkedIn

PricewaterhouseCoopers, a global management consulting firm, has a few key items in their welcome kit, such as a branded notebook, drinkware, and other remote working essentials such as a portable laptop stand and wireless earbuds.

The tea and diffuser add an extra personal touch to the kit!

3. Dropbox

Dropbox employee welcome kit with brnaded merch

Source: Behance

File hosting service provider Dropbox provides a journal, pen, fun laptop decals, camp mug, a bag of coffee, and a welcome note to new employees.

4. Vimeo

Vimeo employee welcome kit with branded merch

Source: Typelane

Vimeo, a video platform, has a fun-filled employee welcome kit that includes a branded hat, bright notebook, drinkware, and a pillow!

5. Percolate

Percolate employee kit with branded merch

Source: LinkedIn

Percolate, a marketing software platform, includes a set of kraft notebooks, drinkware, a mousepad, pens, stickers, employee business cards, and jars of granola in its onboarding kit. 

Other variants of the kit include a T-shirt, coffee mug, tote bag and Kindle. Why a Kindle? Noah Brier, the co-founder of Percolate, explains: “That’s linked to a core idea that we are a learning organization. It’s our responsibility to help encourage people to continue to read and make themselves better.”


AECOM employee welcome kit with branded merch

Source: LinkedIn

Fortune 500 engineering firm AECOM keeps it sleek and professional with their new employee kit. With items such as drinkware, a journal and pen, phone stand, and other apparel tucked inside a branded box, some of the items are also personalized with the employee’s name, making it extra special! 

7. Salesforce

Salesforce employee welcome kit

Source: Medium

Salesforce, the largest SaaS company in the world, keeps their employee onboarding kit fun and professional with books, stickers, a gift certificate, stationery, and a Nerf gun!

8. Shipsy

Shipsy employee welcome kit with branded merch

Source: LinkedIn

Shipsy, a logistics management platform, has the basics of any employee kit—a branded water bottle, journal, apparel, etc. 

However, what is most impressive are the well-designed motivational postcards! Featuring logistics motivational themed quotes such as, “Always think outside the box” and “The best view comes after the hardest climb”, these are bound to be framed! 

9. Ogilvy

Ogilvy Employee Induction Box

Source: Dieline

Ogilvy’s bold and well-designed “induction box” was designed with David Ogilvy’s “8 creative habits” in mind, and contains a book authored by David Ogilvy, a beautiful A5 red notebook, pencil, USB, and an unconventional addition of a metal slinky. 

Not bad for one of the world’s leading creative agencies!

10. Huge Inc

Huge Inc employee welcome kit with branded merch


HUGE Inc’s playful onboarding kit includes tote bag, branded pencils, a gift card to a local coffee shop, and candy. The tote bags are designed by the agency’s employees, and some of the designs can be found here!

11. M&C Saatchi Performance

M&C Saatchi Mobile employee welcome kit with branded merch

Source: Digiday

M&C Saatchi Performance is a global digital media agency, and their employee welcome kit is designed with the agency’s core values in mind (daring, original, fun, persistent, curious, diverse and straightforward). This is represented through the products chosen:

  1. camera tripod (fun)
  2. clay (original)
  3. grow-your-own-plant kit (persistence)
  4. multi-charger (diverse)
  5. playing cards (daring)
  6. customized map of local area (curious)
  7. glossary of mobile terms (straightforward)

Did we mention how beautifully designed the box is? 

12. Social Chain

Social Chain marketing agency employee wlecome kit with branded merch and vodka

Source: Academy Ocean

Social Chain is a global social media agency that has a pretty standard employee welcome kit—a social media marketing book, branded pen, branded apparel, and…y’know, a bottle of Bacardi vodka.

13. Boxed

Stickermule employee welcome package with branded merch

Source: Sticker Mule

Boxed, a wholesale retailer, offers new employees merch in a beautiful teal box, with goodies such as a branded water bottle, pens, a notebook, a case of office supplies such as post-its and paperclips, a welcome note, and lots of stickers!

14. PepsiCo

PepsiCo employee welcome kit with branded merch

Source: LinkedIn

PepsiCo not only includes the standard items (stationery, employee ID pass) in their employee welcome package, but also a wide range of snacks and drinks from their portfolio of brands. What a delicious way to get employees familiar with the products! 

15. Weed MD

Weed MD employee kit

Source: Boss Promotions

WeedMD, a Canadian cannabis producer, has an employee onboarding kit that contains the essentials such as a branded backpack, apparel, and a very handy Zippo lighter!

Which kit was your favourite? Thinking about assembling an employee onboarding kit? Don’t start without us! Contact us to ensure your kit leaves a positive impression. 

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