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July 20, 2021

By Vanessa Nghiem

4 minutes read



Whether furry, feathered, slimy, or scaly, pets can bring much joy to their owners. Unsurprisingly, pet ownership over the pandemic has soared as people spent more time at home, with animal companionship offering many mental and physical benefits such as social interaction and decreased stress. Overall, 55% of all Canadian households have a pet, with 18% of pet parents reporting that they had added a pet to their family over the pandemic. 

Pet products tend to be heavily overlooked as promotional products outside of animal industries, but given the large percentage of pet owners, there is a tremendous opportunity to deliver thoughtful products that not only will be used, but will foster a stronger relationship with your brand! For example, for those in the food industry, adding dog treats in a snack subscription box specifically for those with dogs could go a long way! For those in the travel industry, a branded pet carrier bag can help dogs “travel” places.

We’ve curated some pet promotional products, as well as staff picks, that are sure to impress pet parents and get pet tails wagging!

Food and Drink

For the dog days of summer (aka hot and humid weather during the summer months), keeping pets hydrated and well-fed on summer adventures is important to keep them healthy. 

Vanessa’s Pick – Dog Bowl Bottle

 “During hot summer walks, my dog (Mitty) will sometimes flop on the grass, pant, and refuse to move. Bringing a water bottle and small bowl for her to drink out of is a must for long walks to help her cool down. Having a portable water bottle and bowl combo has been super convenient for the both of us!”

For dog parents who take their dog everywhere, this portable set ensures their pup stays hydrated during summer adventures! The 1L vacuum insulated bottle keeps water cold, and the bottom detaches from the bottle to use as a small bowl.

For a food and drink set, this home pet kit contains a pet food scoop, 8″ food bowl, and reusable can lid—perfect for new pet parents, or for those looking for an extra set to bring to the cottage!

Pet set with food bowl, scoop, and lid


Leashes are not only for dogs, but for adventurous cats as well! Retractable pet leashes allow the leash to extend, giving the pet more freedom to explore compared to fixed length leashes. With regular and retractable options available for customization, leashes are bound to be used often on daily walks around the neighbourhood!

Jennifer’s Pick – Regular pet leash

“My 1 year old cat Luna loves the outside but is confined to my balcony. But she’s getting a bit bored of it, and is ready to explore the great beyond – but I don’t want to let her out free. Dog leashes work great for cats too, especially if you have a harness to go with it.”

Products pictured: Regular pet leash | Retractable pet leash

Toys and Accessories

Some pets may need more physical activity than others, but having a variety of toys available is helpful for them to fight boredom. These toys are pet-safe and customizable.

Winston’s Pick – Tennis Ball With Thrower

“My dog (Dakota) absolutely loves chasing tennis balls, and we go through them like crazy. An item I recommend to throw the balls really far with little effort would be a thrower! Bonus: I can easily scoop balls from the ground and not have to touch wet tennis balls!”

Products pictured: Ball thrower | Frisbee Dog rope ring

For pet hygiene, wipes are a great way to clean up dirty pet paws after a walk. Fun bag dispensers are also bound to be a conversation-starter, and these items can be logoed!

Products pictured: Pet Wipes | Puppy Bag Dispenser

For dapper dogs, a dog bandana is the way to go for summer style!

dog bandana with image and text

For traveling, moving, or going to the vet, carriers are a safe way to transport animals. This carrier also has a storage pocket to store treats, small toys and other items. Also customizable! 

black pet carrier bag with custom logo

There are endless gifting options for pet parents, and they can sometimes be more memorable than giving another pen or tote bag. 

Ready to get tails wagging? Contact us to get it started! 

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