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June 29, 2023

By Jennifer Carmichael

2 minutes read



Show your National Pride on Canada Day 2023!

On July 1st, 2023 it is a day of celebration for Canada and Canadians worldwide. It’s Canada day! Canada day is a day to sit back, relax, and appreciate the great country that we live in.

Another bonus of Canada day is the incredible marketing that can be done. Promotional items are a staple of Canada day, you will find small gestures to Canada on nearly every item you find this Canada day. The downtown of all Canadian cities will be lit up with the colours of the red and white maple leaf. Join in on the fun and associate your business’ logo with the celebration this Canada day

Made in Canada

Another way to show your support for this great country this Canada day is through purchasing products that are made in Canada. Whether you’re buying local food and groceries and local products or more, it is important to support our workers here.

A popular Canada day item to hand out is the classic paper Canadian flag. We have all received these over the years in the mail. Its almost a Canada day tradition amongst businesses.

This, along with many other items are all made in Canada. Take a look at our large selection of items that are made in Canada for this Canada day.

Enjoy the festivities of the day!

At Boss Promotions, we will be getting out and about to enjoy many of the various Canada day activities and festivities that will be going on. From fireworks to live music and much more, Canada day is the perfect day to get out and celebrate the amazing country that we all live in. Maybe even take some time to take in the beauty of our great country. Canada day is also the perfect time to get your promotional game items out. Examples can be found in cornhole, beach balls, cups and much more. Feature your logo on the very best of Canada day activities today!

Hit the beach with friends and family this Canada day, not only will their be fireworks and activities there, but you can bring your own fun. Here are some of the boss promotions favourites for this Canada day.

Have a look at our proudly made in Canada lookbook today!

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