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July 7, 2023

By Jennifer Carmichael

4 minutes read



World Chocolate Day

Get Ready! July 7th, 2023 is no ordinary Friday. It is World Chocolate day! The perfect day to attack your cravings.

It’s no secret that we all love chocolate. There is nothing quite like the smooth and creamy taste of your favourite chocolate. There is something about chocolate that just brings people together. It makes a great gift, a great dessert, an amazing party/table item and much, much more. Many of us even have that emotional connection to chocolate. Whether that be through our grandparents giving us chocolate or buying your favourite chocolate on the way home from school. What better way is there to wind down than arriving home and enjoying a piece of your absolute favourite chocolate.

More Than Just Chocolate

Chocolate serves more than just one purpose. Because chocolate provides us with this emotional collection, you are able to promote your business on it. Everyone has been to a restaurant or somewhere similar where they give you a promotional piece of chocolate with a company logo on the wrapper. Chocolate also works as a great gift set. Create a basket of your favourite chocolate goods to give to employees as a gift. Give the gift of chocolate to your friends and more this summer. Boss Promotions has a selection of chocolate and sweet gift baskets that will be the perfect solution to all of your chocolate needs.

Why Chocolate?

Why chocolate? Chocolate is the classic and essential sweet. Nothing quite says I care about your or I love you like a piece of chocolate. For years and years chocolate has served as a loving and touching tribute to someone.

In fact, at Boss Promotions we offer chocolate in nearly every form. Feature your logo on the wrapper and chocolate item today! Items such as our Customizable Greeting Card and Gourmet Chocolate Bar all in ONE Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate (featuring your logo on the wrapper), 1OZ Chocolate Bar Sets- Set of 4 with Assorted Toppings, and our Smash Chocolate Cake with Birthday Cake Bites and Colour Topper. 

Our selection doesn’t stop at chocolate bars either. Gift Boxes are one of the best ways to show appreciation. They also check off many different boxes, a gift box can give the gift of variety and selection to the fortunate receiver. Never have a worry over whether someone is going to like what you get them. Show them your passion and affection this summer with a chocolate gift box.

Here are a few more reasons that gift boxes are great!

  • They show that you care, gift boxes provide a sense of care and thought when given out.
  • They are always classy. Gift boxes always show as a classic gift that can stand the test of time
  • They have a little bit of everything. To help deal with those picky people who are hard to buy gifts for, get them a little bit of everything to give them the gift of choice and variety.
  • Advertising benefits. Giving gift boxes can also be viewed as another form of advertising. Our chocolate gift boxes are fully customizable with the ability to place your logo on them. Think of it as an alternative to classic advertising. Not only will potential customers be delighted with the chocolate, but they will also identify your brand with a higher class.

Take a look at some of our Chocolate gift sets here!

In these photos we display our Chocolate Addict Curated Gift Set, 10 Piece Decadent Truffle Box, and 6 Piece Chocolate Box

Take a look at more our our chocolate collection this World Chocolate day here!

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