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May 20, 2021

By Vanessa Nghiem

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While in-person events may be cancelled for another summer due to COVID-19, there are still many ways to engage remote employees! 

In honour of the first long weekend and unofficial start to summer, we’re turning some traditional summer events into virtual ones that combine learning and fun to bring employees together.

Employee Engagement: Virtual Summer Activities

Virtual Pride Celebrations

June is Pride month, with endless opportunities to celebrate LGBTQ2S+ communities. There are many opportunities to celebrate virtually via education and entertainment, such as through:

  • Developing Pride month trivia 
  • Creating a collaborative Pride Spotify playlist
  • LGBTQ+ lunch and learn featuring guest speakers
  • Watch party featuring documentaries/movies with LGBTQ themes 
  • Charity donations to organizations providing support to LGBTQ communities
  • Creating Pride backgrounds for video calls
  • Bonus: if your organization hasn’t already, Pride month is the perfect time to consider implementing gender pronouns in places such as email signatures

Here are some ways to show Pride spirit with some merchandise!

Products pictured: Pride fan | rainbow masks | rainbow popcorn

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Virtual Company Picnics

While company picnics are missed, they can be replicated at home with DIY cooking kits. They can be easily customized according to dietary restrictions and by theme, such as BBQ, Italian, and Mexican cuisine. Employees can gather via a video conference and enjoy their lunch together!

Alternatively, a virtual cooking class can be set up, with ingredient kits sent to employees. Employees can follow along to create their lunch!

Products pictured: BBQ Gourmet Kit | Mexican Gourmet Kit | Italian Gourmet Kit

Virtual Company Retreat

Showing appreciation for employees goes a long way–in fact, 82% of employees consider recognition an important part of their happiness at work. While corporate retreats have been put on pause, virtual retreats and company gatherings are still important to allow employees to disconnect from work and build relationships with each other.

Some fun activities for a virtual retreat include:

  • Creating an employee slideshow
  • Themed virtual hangout rooms (e.g. sports fans, pet parents, cooking enthusiasts)
  • Online office games (e.g. via Jackbox Games, trivia, murder mystery)
  • Happy hour
  • Holding an employee awards ceremony (e.g. having categories such as “been in the most meetings”, “best Zoom backgrounds”)

Here are some product ideas to get employees excited:

Products pictured: S’mores kit | employee appreciation kit | stay at home kit

Virtual Marathons

Many marathons for walks, runs, and cycling have moved online, giving participants the flexibility to complete them anywhere, anytime. While teams may have traditionally gathered together on race day and developed camaraderie, there are still many ways to get remote employees engaged and excited for these events!

Here are some ideas:

  • Create new award categories (e.g. earliest start, best selfie, etc.)
  • Share employee progress via social media or internal communication platforms
  • Spotlight members through interviews
  • Matching charitable donations (for marathons with a charitable component)
  • Showing appreciation for participants through celebratory kits/goodie bags

In need of some goodie bag ideas? We’ve gathered some:

Products pictured: Healthy snacks kit | runner’s gift set

Virtual Golf Tournaments

The opening of golf courses may vary based on local COVID restrictions, but there are many ways and ideas to host a virtual golf event.

Ideas include:

  • Hold the tournament over a date range and set up booking slots
  • For local players, work with one golf course costs can also be easily negotiated)
  • Live stream the tournament 
  • Incorporate a fundraising page
  • Showing appreciation for participants through celebratory kits/goodie bags

Products pictured: golf snack kit | golf gift kit with tumbler | golf gift kit with golf balls

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If you’re looking for more employee engagement ideas, our last post has some tips on starting an office book club!

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