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June 16, 2023

By Jennifer Carmichael

4 minutes read



Get Ready to Treat Dad!

Treat Dad (or anyone else) on Father’s Day this year. On June 18th, it’s the time of the year to show Dad your appreciation for everything that he does for you. Don’t forget!

Father’s Day is the one day of the year (other than his birthday) that is purely dedicated to dad. Therefore, it is important not to forget about this day. Please take the time out of your day to do anything with Dad this weekend. From simply saying thank you, to going all out and planning an amazing day for him, what matters most is the fact that you made an effort. He will appreciate it.

What to Tell Dad

It doesn’t take much to make Dad happy on Father’s Day. Just speak from the heart about him. Let him know that you appreciate all the great things that he has done for you in your life. Tell him how thankful you are for him always being there for you. Remind him that you will always be there for him as well. Just make sure that he understands how much you appreciate him and everything he has done.

Father’s Day Ideas

  • We know, sometimes its difficult to construct the perfect day for Dad. As always, he’s a little picky about what he likes. So, sit back and don’t worry, because Boss Promotions is here to provide you with the ideas you need for the perfect Father’s Day.
  • Enjoy a nice dinner with dad. Whether its from a fancy restaurant or homemade with love, Dad will appreciate the delicious meal you are getting for him. And we’re sure he’ll enjoy it too!
  • Set up a relaxing day for Dad. Think of some of Dad’s favourite relaxing activities. That could be golf, a walk/hike, a massage and much, much more. Just remember to make sure Dad is the one who’s relaxing.
  • Take Dad to a baseball game, or any sports event. Depending on your dad, and his likes of course. Maybe he wants to watch the local soccer team play, or the local football team. Either way, if dad enjoys sports, now is the time to treat him to a game. In fact, many major sports teams will be doing some kind of father’s day deal or celebration before the game!
  • Buy Dad a nice bottle of his favourite scotch, whisky, wine or whatever his favourite drink is. There is no better way to show your true appreciation for Dad than buying him his favourite relaxing drinks.
  • Perfect to pair with Dad’s favourite bottle of scotch, get the barbeque going. Set up Dad’s favourite eats on the grill and barbeque away. A hot and tasty meal of Dad’s favourite barbeque is awaiting him.
  • Hit the trails and go camping with dad. Set up for an enjoyable day, make sure everything is planned and packed and head out for a great day with dad. In fact, this camping day could be indoors our outdoors. Take dad on a classic camping trip or set up the tents in the backyard and do something fun with dad while in the comfort of home. Maybe even use some Boss Promotions products to help set up.

A Gift From us to You

Dad is more of a gift person? He appreciates what you do but really enjoys a simple gift more? Boss Promotions has a solution for that as well. Take a look at our large selection of Father’s day gift and ideas. Place your logo on the current Father’s day trends.

Maybe even set the office up with Father’s day gifts for everyone, any form of gesture will be appreciated!

Is Dad an outdoorsman? If so, check out the BioLite collection of outdoor items. The BioLite collection are tough and durable products that are made affordable. BioLite products also use surrounding energy to create heat, power and light for you, making BioLite products clean and renewable. BioLite even estimates that they have impacted 5,533,846 people in Africa and Asia and have offset 1,320,582 tons of CO2 with their products.

Take a look at some more of our Father’s day ideas for inspiration this year! Make sure to check out our lookbook as well for more fathers day ideas!

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