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March 2, 2022

By qodemedia

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March 4th is Employee Appreciation Day, and it is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the effort and commitment of your team or entire staff. Now that we hopefully have the worst of the pandemic days behind us, lots of industries are looking to call their employees back to offices, either fulltime or hybrid. Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect time to get them excited to what office life on the other side looks like!

Here is some way to brighten and show appreciation to your employees:

Treat your team’s taste buds

Who doesn’t love a free lunch? Food is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reward your employees. Consider catering a meal, surprising your team with a box of tasty snacks or bringing in coffee.

Social Recognition 

It is always nice to be recognized in front of others! It gives your employees a chance to feel appreciated, and it also makes them feel proud of themselves. Recognizing your employees on your social media accounts or through a personalized email is a great option as well.

Half Day Off

Give your employees a little bit of time off to recoup and tend to their personal lives. This year, Employee Appreciation Day is on a Friday – so there’s no better way to start off a weekend! No one is going to complain about less time at work.

Enjoy activities in-office or remotely

Plan some time for employees to have fun with their teammates, whether it’s a team-building event or common area with plenty of board games. You could also set up activities such as a company-wide Family Feud game, or talent contest. If your team is primarily remote, set up an afternoon of virtual games and fun.

Give unique gifts with meaning.

What kind of gifts make employees feel valued on Employee Appreciation Day? Don’t settle for cheap items that employees will throw away.  Consider a custom gift that shows your company’s culture. You can also give them branded clothing or gear featuring your company logo.


This gift encourages well being and also good times. A luxurious way to stay hydrated and look good doing it.

Eco-Friendly Products

This gift will not only be eco-friendly but also be great for everyone one your team.

Tech Products

This gift will be great for everyone alike, elevate your companies branding by providing enjoyable tech products that make you’re employees lives easier or more comfortable.

Enjoy March 4th by showing appreciation for everyone in your company. Employee appreciation gets more important every year. To improve employee engagement and retention, you need to make recognition a priority.

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