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June 1, 2023

By Jennifer Carmichael

5 minutes read



Great Outdoors Month

It is that time of the year again, time to get outside and appreciate the world that we live in. Starting June 1st and lasting throughout the month of June it is The Great Outdoors month. Therefore, come celebrate with Boss Promotions! From mountain ranges to lakes to your local park, there is no better time to explore the world around you. Boss Promotions encourages you to get out and enjoy the beautiful world around you. Take your family, friends, co-workers, whoever you would like, or enjoy the peace of going alone; nevertheless, make sure to get outdoors this month.

Make The Change

Unfortunately, the world is not an unlimited resource. Meaning, we need to take care of it. It is important to remember that every action we take has an impact on this earth, some more than others. Eco-friendly and recycled products are now the face of sustainability; therefore, it is important to us that we offer them to you. Boss promotions is committed to offering you the largest possible selection of eco-friendly and sustainable promotional products. There is no better way to send a message than placing your logo on a sustainable product. Let your target audience know that you too, are committed to making a difference in this world (for the better of course!)

We Are Here to Help

The great outdoors is not something to be conquered alone. It is important to be prepared with the proper equipment needed. No true outdoorsman or outdoorswoman would dare stepping out unprepared. Keep yourself prepared and ready At Boss Promotions, we provide several different options to help you master the outdoors. Therefore, we encourage all of our team and community members around us to get active and outside. Whether it be hiking equipment, camping gear, outerwear and more, Boss Promotions has your stuff for the outdoor season.

We understand if your are busy with work and cant get outdoors. But, if possible, why not take work outside with you? Working outdoors is a popular choice here at Boss Promotions. Therefore, many of us here love to get out and set up outside (with proper equipment and protection of course). Fortunately, to those who enjoy working outdoors: don’t worry, we’re here for you as well.

We don’t need to to explain to you the benefits of getting outside while working, although mentioning the increased productivity and mood does help. However, it is important to stay fully focused in your outdoor workplace with the Revo Active Noise Cancellation Bluetooth Headphones. Set your Corkcicle 16OZ Tumbler on your desk to keep your iced coffee cold for 9+ hours. And finally, to help you stay cool, try out the Power Breeze Rechargeable Fan to beat the heat. It is important to enjoy the outdoors when you can, even at work. Take a look at some of our products to find some outdoor working inspiration.

Take a look at our selection of outdoor gear this summer! Here are some of our personal favorites!

Perfect for hikes, picnics and more!

Pack lunch and more with the RTIC Lightweight Backpack Cooler. The RTIC Lightweight Backpack Cooler supports up to 15 cans and is perfect for your next adventure. Its high-density insulation technology helps keep items cool for up to 24 hours with ice packs. The heavy-duty polyester construction means that this bag can also function as an everyday bad as well.

Stay hydrated in the heat and sun.

Carry hydration with you at any moment with the 750 ML (25 FL. OZ.) Aluminum Water Bottle with Carabiner (left). This aluminum water bottle is optimal for outdoor experiences due to its size and practicability. It features a carabiner key ring, which is perfect for attaching to straps, bags and more. The bottle itself is also environmentally friendly with its aluminum base.

Or, keep your drinks cool with the Miir Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Bottle (right). Perfect for long hikes on the trail, the Miir vacuum insulated wide mouth bottle (32OZ) is built with Thermo 3D double wall vacuum insulation technology. Designed not only to keep your iced drinks cold, but it doubles as a drink warmer as well.

750 ML (25 FL. OZ.) Aluminum Water Bottle with CarabinerMiir Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Bottle

Enjoy an Eco Friendly lunch!

Enjoy your lunch with our King Kut Biodegradable Cutlery Set. This cutlery set is perfect for packing lunch on a long day or exploring the wilderness. It features a fork, spoon and knife along with part of the proceeds going to Project Aware to help clean up our oceans. Bring the King Kut Biodegradable Cutlery set with you in your RTIC Lightweight Backpack Cooler for the perfect hike on a sunny day.

Are you ready to embrace the outside? Get more ideas for merchandise that gets your employees and clients outdoors in our Outdoor Lookbook here.

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