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January 27, 2022

By Jennifer Carmichael

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Valentine’s Day is traditionally for couples and loved ones, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the gift giving stops there. Everyone loves getting something, especially when its unexpected!

All employees want to feel valued — so why not use holidays, such as Valentine’s Day to show your staff how you feel and how well you know them. From a simple ‘thank you’ to creating a kit that is personal, there are many ways to show your staff appreciation no matter what your budget is.

Here is some way to brighten and enhance your employee engagement: 

A free brunch.

Who doesn’t love a free meal?  Grab some bagels, fruit, and pastries for the office, or order your team their favorite brunch dishes.

A Valentine’s themed activity.

Give your employees a break this Valentine’s Day and have a cupcake or cookie Valentine’s themed decorating contest. Whether it is on Zoom or in the office kitchen, a little friendly competition is a fun way to get everyone together and thank them for their efforts.

A small gift.

Distributing a small gift to each employee is a great way to spread love on Valentine’s Day.

Instead of boring chocolates and standard pens with your company name, below are some ideas for gifting kits that will really show them your love!

Send Some Love

Whether it’s in the office or sent to an employee’s home, this kit will be a great surprise that will brighten someone’s day. Include interactive Smash chocolate to create buzz, and add a nice candle and a cute medal for a special special finishing touch.

Show Yourself Some Love

Creating a themed Self-Care kit will be not only appreciated but also helpful in the hard days that we are all trying to survive during COVID.

Fall in Love with Happy Hour

Elevate your Happy Hours by creating a kit with branded items for your team to “Cheers” and enjoy.

Warm Your Heart 

There is no better time to fight the mid-winter blues! Send the gift of cozy vibes to your team.

One of our partner clients, GIFTAGRAM, is the definition of kitting inspiration. With custom boxes, tissue paper and an exciting mix of curated retail and branded merchandise, we help them take their kits to the next level. Below are some of the exciting projects we have packaged for them which shows that there is no limit to the imaginative products you can put in a box!

And if the pressure of choosing gifts is just too much, our stock kits are pre-made options ready to go just for you. We will add your logo and the worrying is done!

For more inspiration, check out our new catalogue of even more curated ideas.

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