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June 8, 2023

By Jennifer Carmichael

4 minutes read



World Oceans Day is Here!

It is no secret that our oceans are struggling. Since the 1980’s, global warming has been a theme at the top of headlines all over the world. Currently, there are billions of pieces of plastic surfing about in our oceans, consequently, that makes up about 40% of ocean surfaces in the world. Therefore, oceans week goes on from June 2nd until June 11th with World Oceans Day landing on June 8th. Ocean week has proved to be a huge success, with a reach of nearly 5 million people in 2022. Therefore, the Ocean Week Canada event is to be considered an emerging environmental event that helps encourage people all around to be more aware of the environmental decisions they make.

Its Our Time to Save the Planet

Take a minute to read up about the cause we are supporting. The oceans could especially use your help!

Unfortunately, we have all seen the heartbreaking and tragic photos of sea animals suffering from the effects that humans have put on the world. Consequently, here at Boss Promotions, we encourage you to do your part in saving the environment as well. We offer a large selection of eco-friendly products that will lower the impact on the environment for not only you, but everyone around you. You are not only benefitting yourself, but you are providing a benefit to every living organism out there.

Questions for your business:

Are you doing enough to care for the environment and encourage your employees and clients to do the same?

Could the products you purchase be produced in a more sustainable manner?

Am you purchasing products that are useful and good quality?

Asking these questions about every purchase will help lead you to better decisions about the products your company is buying, and the message you’re spreading to your audience.

How We Help

Marketing your business with sustainable merchandise is an incredibly successful initiative: merchandise that encourages less plastic and reuse are the new name of the game. At Boss, we are on a mission to help save the earth by committing to offering one of these product options with everything we quote. From recycled cotton bags all the way to bamboo cutlery, our products is here to help your business become a leader in sustainability. See examples of products options here.

The best way to show your devotion to defending and recovering the planet is through the use of recycled products. Its up to you to keep harmful plastics out of our oceans. Every year, out of the 400 million tons of plastic that is produced, 14 million tons ends up in our oceans causing incredible amounts of damage. A great way to mitigate that is through the use of reusable and recycled products. For example, we all have seen the current trend of fast food restaurants making the switch to paper straws. Now, whether we like them or not, these paper straws are a step in the right direction when it comes to keeping plastic out of our oceans.

Materials for Good

REPREVE® is a sustainable and “recycled performance fiber”. It is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (bottles that were bound for the ocean). Water bottles are collected, washed and ground to create a flake like material. This flake like material is then melted down to create a resin material. The resin is finally melted again to form a fiber material which is the final product. This revolutionary products is saving the planet world wide with millions of tons of plastic bottle waste worldwide. REPREVE® even states that they recycle around 4300 bottles a minute with REPREVE® technology!

Here are some examples of the REPREVE® items that we carry!

For a larger selection of merchandise that is created from plastic that has been saved from our oceans, see our Merch Made from Ocean Bound Plastics Lookbook!

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