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May 30, 2022

By Jennifer Carmichael

2 minutes read



Barbecues, bike trails, beach days or 5Ks – different ways to have fun, with one thing in common. More people are choosing to spend their free time outdoors, even if it’s no farther than the backyard with family and friends. It represents a broad lifestyle shift that’s creating new possibilities for promotional products in a variety of categories, from cozy fleece pullovers to big outdoor blankets.

This year, there are four major themes driving the outdoor gifting trend.

1. Reconnect At Home + Entertain

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy the outdoors. Whether it’s a patio party or a backyard barbecue, people are enjoying lots of time with friends and family at home. From speakers to grilling sets and more, find everything you need to create the perfect outdoor oasis right in your own back yard.

2. Get Out & Go

Biking, hiking, yoga and more – the outdoors are full of opportunities to connect with nature and find balance. No matter what kind of activities you enjoy, unplugging from technology and getting outside is great for both the mind and body. From backpacks to drinkware and comfy apparel, we have everything you need for a peaceful day with Mother Nature.

3. Escape the ordinary

From road trips to camping trips, getting out and exploring is a great way to recharge and escape the monotony of ordinary life. After all, people are traveling more than they have in years. No matter the type of getaway, we have great gifts to help prepare you for the ultimate adventure.

4. Group activities + Events

Tailgate parties, fun runs, playing 18 holes – sometimes the outdoors are best enjoyed with friends. However you enjoy your outdoor time with friends and family, we have great gifts to go along with some great company.

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