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February 16, 2022

By Jennifer Carmichael

3 minutes read



February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day. This is a day to pamper your pets and celebrate the bond you have with them. Pets bring a lot of joy and companionship to our lives, and this day offers a chance to show your appreciation of the pets in our lives along with the pet lovers in our offices.

Quick pet stats

  • The pandemic year brought an 18% upsurge in pet ownership in Canada to just over 9 million households.
  • Over 50% of pet owners give their pet a Christmas gift or treat.
  • The average annual household expenditure on pets in 2020 was $671.
  • From households with pets, 41% of Canadian households own a dog, while 37% own cats.

Ways to show pet love:

Social Media Shout Out

Show your love for your pet on your social media page. Cute animal pics always bring a smile to anyone’s face!

Support a Local Rescue Group or Animal Shelter

If you adopted pets from a local rescue group or animal shelter, consider donating on National Love Your Pet Day as a way to show your support. You can send a monetary donation, or check with the rescue group or shelter to see if they need supplies donated, such as blankets or towels.

Give Your Pets New Toys or Treats

Surprise your pets with new toys on National Love Your Pet Day. You can use these new toys during your extra long playtime. You can also surprise your pets with their favorite treats or try new treats they might enjoy. 


Leashes and collars are not only for dogs, but for adventurous cats as well! With many different styles of pet accessories, they are many options available for branding customization. 


Get ready to elevate your play time with your dog (or energetic cat) so they will be worn out by the end of the day.

Food Accessories

Whether at home or on the road, easily keep your pets hydrated and fed on the go!


Dress up your pet up by adding a accessories such as a ribbon, bandana, t-shirt and so much more.

Enjoy your February 20th, by showing  some love and appreciation to the little and big fur balls in our lives that bring us joy everyday, along with the pet lovers in our offices who bring us joy as well.

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