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September 22, 2021

By Vanessa Nghiem

4 minutes read



What’s your fall wardrobe looking like? Are you armed with piles of sherpa sweaters and teddy hoodies? Or are you ready to party like it’s Y2K with your metallic puffer vest and silk slip dresses?

Fall’s top fabric fashion trends have been a strange combination of party fashion and leisurewear, largely in part due to the pandemic. Lockdowns and economies reopening have made for some interesting fashion choices—some are ready to celebrate the resuming normalcy of life and are dressed ready to party, while others are more content with staying at home under 3 layers of knits.

Regardless of your client’s or employees’ style, we’re showcasing some of our favourite trends and pieces with you for inspiration!


Corduroy is back and reimagined for cold weather! No longer just pants, this fabric’s soft ridged texture, warmth and durability is also perfect for jackets, blazers, skirts, and overalls. We’re also seeing an increased range of colours and prints, making it a versatile fabric for every style.

How to style: wear corduroy with casual pieces, or balance bold print corduroys with neutrals

corduroy tote bag white corduroy cap corduroy and sherpa blanket
  1. Corduroy Grocery Tote
  2. Corduroy Cap
  3. Corduroy Sherpa Blanket


Image Source: Haoyang Textile Co

Sherpa has been popular in the past few years, but even more so due to the pandemic and people wanting soft and cozy fabrics while they stay cozy at home. Sherpa is designed to recreate the look of sheep wool, and usually made from cotton (aka eco-friendly), provides excellent insulation, and is quick-drying. Admit it, have you bought any sherpa pieces in the past 2 years?

How to style: you can find sherpa in a wide range of designs and uses: mixed with rugged materials like corduroy and suede, used alone for hoodies and sweaters, or even in accessories such as scarves or mittens

white sherpa jacket
  1. Columbia Sherpa Full-Zip Fleece Jacket
  2. Recycled PET Sherpa Blanket
  3. Sherpa-Lined Denim Jacket

Reliable and Sustainable Knitwear

Knitwear has been improved over the past decade through sustainable and responsible manufacturing. The slow fashion movement has been gaining in popularity over the past few years, only heightened by the stresses of the pandemic. Slow fashion, the opposite to fast fashion, focuses on fashion that is more thoughtful and intentional. This means manufacturing with sustainability in mind, and thinking about the process with people, the environment and animals in mind.

As people shop for comfortable knitwear to lounge in at home, there is a stronger emphasis on not just comfort, but durability and reliability as well! Looking for more information on sustainable fabrics? Learn more in our guide to sustainable fabrics and materials!

How to style: knitwear (e.g. jersey knit, sweater knits, crochet Knit, fleece knits, etc) comes in a wide range of designs, patterns, and colours, which means you can wear it any way you want! 

grey sweatpants grey knitted jacket
  1. Triblend Fleece Jogger Pant made from recycled polyester
  2. Women’s Knit Jacket
  3. Unisex pom pom toque

Puffy and Quilted

Move over trench coats, the puffer is back! Puffer jackets and vests have returned to mass popularity due to their utilitarian benefits, but now extend past the standard black to include bold colours and designs. Offering insulation and waterproof/resistant properties, these pieces are also great for transitional weather.

How to style: the puffer’s oversized silhouette can be overwhelming, but they tend to pair well with sleek basics (e.g. turtlenecks) and chunky footwear (think Dr. Martens)

black puffer vestblack puffer duffel bag Men's plaid shirt jacket
  1. Eco Full Zip Vest
  2. Quilted Duffel
  3. Men’s Shacket

Lustrous and Metallic

Higher vaccination rates have allowed for reopening of restaurants and nightclubs, and for those who are celebrating the return to normalcy, shopping for pieces for partying and going out can be incredibly exciting. Some are leaning into the idea of a new Roaring 20s, and we’re all here for it! 

How to style: metallic, glossy, and lustrous sheens can be overwhelming, which is why they are best paired with monotone basics! Alternatively, look for sheens that are more muted for everyday wearability

blue-grey puffer vest Metallic Neoprene ( Wetsuit Material ) lunch bag
  1. Columbia Powder Lite Vest
  2. Metallic Neoprene lunch bag

Ready to upgrade everyone’s autumn/winter wardrobe? Reach out to us to get your clients/employees comfortable, cozy, and dressed to impress! 

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